Friday, February 22, 2008

Sony Acid - Chopper Tool

The chopper is an extremely useful tool if you're remixing music. I've give you the verbage of what the chopper tool can be used for and what i use it for. With the Chopper, you can take a whole song and dice it up and spit out the pieces of the track in the order you want. This allows you to totally rearrange the song how ever you please. you could do this on the main view but it is much more difficult beause it doesn't leave the original track intact. It also allows you to easily, with one mouse click, re-insert that same segment into the workspace over and over again without interfering with your orginal track overlay.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sony Acid - Volume Indicator (redline)

One important factor to keep an eye on are the volume settings, especially the Master Volume level. You never want the Master volume indicator to redline while playing your track because it will mean an ugly sounding track once you render it. The appropriate setting all depends on what each volume setting you have on your tracks but I personally think that -7 for most track is appropriate and a Master Volume setting of ~18. Keep an eye on the redline indicator just above the Master Volume setting. If it hits, that means that you have to lower it a bit until it comes off of the redline.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sony Acid - Using 'Bus'

Its a good idea to know how to use the Bus on Acid. They control the volume settings per set of tracks or just a track. The useful thing about them is that you can assign several tracks to one Bus and then apply the FX Animations on just the bus and it will affect all the track assigned to it instead of assign the same FX animations to all the multiple tracks. If you're making a complicated piece including many many instruments and tracks then this is useful. If you're splicing together several tracks for a longer compilation then this isn't as useful. Watch out on your Master Volume though. Don't let it peak. I will discuss about that another time. nmsRemix

Sony Acid - PreEdited Loops

There's a vast source of Sony Loops out there that you can get your hands on to add to your remixes or to enhance it. One way of getting them is by going to - This is a torrent download site and you will need Bitcomet to download these files. You can also get some from but it might cost you a lil bit. If you require more explaination about Bitcomet, check out which is still under construction but will be up and running in a week from this post date. Check in soon.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sony Acid - Visual Tutorials

I have been doing a lil searching on the web found that has a pretty descent video tutorial on some of the function of Sony Acid. Some of the videos show you how to remix tracks, make your own mixed beats and a swath of other things that will be quite useful to you all. Check it out.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Sony Acid - Extending Track Beats

One thing I found extremely useful is the ability to extend one or both of the tracks during transitions to allow for a smooth change. This is mostly helpful if you're not just remixing a track but are compiling a long club sequence for later play. When you transition between track, it helps to copy one playing track's background beats and repaste it at the end several times to extend just the beats and smoothly introduce the second track's elements. You simply do this by copying and pasting from the same track. Its easier to manage when you create a new plank track to past the copied section onto.

Sony Acid -